Another DA mayor gets the boot by his caucus

Western Cape DA leader Bonginkosi Madikizela. (Jenni Evans, News24)
Bergriver Mayor Evert Manuel has resigned from his position in the municipality after he lost the confidence of his own caucus.
Manuel resigned on Wednesday just before a special council sitting was due to hold a motion of no confidence vote in his leadership, Western Cape DA leader Bonginkosi Madikizela told News24.
This comes after the party's DA caucus in the region passed its own internal motion of no confidence in Manuel last week, indicating it would call for the special sitting to remove him through council.
Madikizela said the party's federal executive (Fed Ex) had approved the decision on Monday, following "serious allegations" made against Manuel.
"[The] federal executive received a letter sometime last week indicating they have lost confidence in him and would be moving a motion of no confidence against him.
"Because the allegations were so serious, Fed Ex conducted a meeting telephonically and that permission was granted."
Madikizela said Manuel was accused by his caucus of accepting a bribe from the ANC so that he could join the ANC.
He claimed he knew "for sure" from information from his sources as provincial leader that the ANC in some municipalities outside the metros, where the DA governs by a slim majority of just one or two seats, were attempting to "bribe" DA councillors to cause instability or force by-elections.
According to the party's new recall processes, a member in an executive post has 48 hours to resign if a motion of no confidence is passed in their leadership.
'No real evidence the ANC bribed him'
"The caucus can choose to use any clause in the Constitution and I think, partly because of the current impasse that we have in the City of Cape Town, they decided to take the safest route by going through council [and making it official constitutionally]."
Deputy Mayor Sandra Crofford will step in as acting mayor until council elects a new mayor.
Manuel had until the end of Thursday to resign as a party member as well, Madikizela added.
ANC West Coast secretary Neville Delport on Thursday denied allegations that the party was trying to bribe DA councillors.

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