5 African countries where it is most pleasant and financially rewarding being a foreign worker

These are countries you should consider while planning your next career move.
Working in these African countries is one good professional move.

Africa is currently experiencing a steady career growth and evolution of a new set of jobs. Thanks to technology, growing economies and improved business environment in many of the African countries.

Entry of many large multinationals has further led to the existence of new and competitive jobs. Thus, triggering intra-regional occupational mobility in Africa. However, some countries have a suitable economic and employment conditions than others.
Many Africans, especially Nigerians, are migrating out of the continent in pursuit of greener pasture. Yet, there are some African countries where working as a foreigner is more pleasant and financially rewarding.
Considering security, ease of accessing work permits or visas and payment benefits, here are African countries you should consider while planning your next big career move.

1.    Zambia

In Africa, Zambia is the most attractive for professionals looking to find good paying jobs. For the country, the average net monthly salary is $1,482.
Some of the best paying jobs in Zambia are administrative position- $1,925, banking and finance jobs - $1,350, medical and healthcare professionals - $1,310, employment with non-governmental organizations - $1,250 and professional farmers earn $1,100 as net monthly income.

2.    South Africa

South Africa has one of the strongest and stable economies in Africa, thus it is a major economic hub in the continent.
Based on information gathered from salaryexplorer.com, the average net monthly income for an average professional in South Africa is $1,270. Lawyers and pilots are the best professionals in the country.
A lawyer earns $4,000 and a pilot or engineer takes home about $4,300 per month. Other good paying jobs include  air traffic controller - $3,500, Computer and information managers - $3,600, and petroleum engineers - $3,500 per month.

3.    Namibia

Namibia is a natural resource dependent country like Nigeria and Angola. For the Southern African country, the average net salary is about $753 per month.
In the country, one of the lucrative professions is to work in the aviation. An aviation manager earns about $2,972 per month while a senior pilot takes home $6,700 per month.
Professions such as petroleum engineer earns $3,700, financial and business analysts - $3,000, medical professionals - $1,700, senior surgeons- $3,715, and information tech and software engineer - $4,500.

4.    Mauritius

Based on information from salaryexplorer.com, the average monthly salary of workers in the tiny Indian Ocean Island is $660.
Lucrative industries to work in the country include finance, manufacturing, business outsourcing, and tourism. However, the best paying jobs or professionals are those that work in multinationals in the country. More so, some of the best paying jobs in the country include: top executives - $16,176, CFOs - $4,000, HR managers - $3,600, IT managers - $3,500, and accountants - $1,936.

5.    Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the few African countries with good paying jobs and offers open-door employment policy.
In the country, some of the best paying jobs are lawyers, medical doctors, finance managers, NGO employees, pilots and oil and gas engineers.
According to statistics from Salary Explorer, a worker in the extractive industries - oil, gas, and mining, earns an average net monthly salary of $979. Medical professionals - $935, top executive management at $844, information technology at $677, and accounting and finance at $538.

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